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  1. What is CCS?

    You may have heard about CCS in my blog post here, but here’s a brief description anyway. CCS allows teachers to block websites and programs on student computers (both blacklists and whitelists) as well as perform other actions such as remote desktop.  The teacher and student software can be …

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  2. CCS FAQ

    What operating systems are supported?

    Windows XP - Windows 7.  This software is untested on 64 bit OS's.

    Are there any prerequisites?

    .Net Framework 3.5, Java Runtime Environment, and Bonjour.  Links are provided in the readme and the installer.

    Is CCS secure?

    Yes, CCS is in face very secure.  Commands …

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  3. CCS

    So, I've been working on my open source Classroom Control System this month, and I've just started to write the installers.  If you are familiar with NetOp's School6 software, you know how powerful a classroom control system can be.

    My classroom control system will allow teachers to see what student …

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