Coding Projects

Classroom Control System (CCS)

You may have heard about CCS in my blog post here, but here’s a brief description anyway.  CCS allows teachers to block websites and programs on student computers (both blacklists and whitelists) as well as perform other actions such as remote desktop.  The teacher software can be found here and must be setup first.  The student software can be found here and can be setup on multiple computers with the same configuration. Please visit the official project blog here.

SageTV Rename

Many of you may remember that I wrote a script for BeyondTV (BeyondTV Renamer) that utilized a command line tool that someone had written to create an XML file giving detailed information about the given file.  My script compared the airdate from this dumped XML file with airdates of matching shows on to rename the files in such a way that XBMC or Boxee could read the file and get the metadata (like show description and images).

Well today I’m releasing a script that I wrote that does something similar for SageTV.  Technically speaking, it does not actually rename the file.  It creates symlinks to the files named in such a way that XBMC or Boxee can read the files and pickup the metadata.  And instead of needing the command line tool, you need the SageTV Web Interface that was written by Neilm.  By creating symlinks, it allows for only 1 true copy of the file to exist and for the show to remain in SageTV and in Boxee or XBMC.

SageTV Rename


Okay, so here's the dilemma: BeyondTV doesn't organize my TV shows in a way that Boxee or XBMC can recognize my media.  So I wrote this monster of a script.  All details should be available via the readme file.  But it basically will reorganize your folder with the format "ShowName (YearStarted)ShowName.S##E## (EpisodeName).ext". Have fun :-D