Media Monkey PS3 Media Server Plugin

Sat 04 December 2010 | in Blog

You may have heard me talk about Media Monkey before.  If not, it is my favorite music player.  It’s based on the winamp engine but is very powerful for handling mp3 tags, converting music formats, monitor and import music (great for amazon mp3 stuff) and has integration with a few online stores.  There is a free version, but the gold version is only 40 bucks and well worth it if you want a great way to manage your music.

You may also be aware that PS3 Media Server is a pretty awesome way to get media content onto a ps3 or other upnp/dlna device.  PS3 Media Server’s music streaming is very limited.  It just shows the music in a folder structure.  I did a quick google search and found exactly what I was looking for.  Someone has written a plugin to access your media monkey library via the PS3 Media Server.  I now have access to my media monkey library on my ps3 (playlists included!).

Details can be found here.

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